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Here are presented basic questions we have recived to date. If you dont find the answer to your question, just feel free to send us an e-mail. And we will help as soon as we can.

Q - What is a PTC site?

A - This site paying to your users to viewing advertisements.

Q - How much money can i earn?

A - The profit is an idividual for each user and depends on which site you have an account. If use these sites from our list, you will be able to make about $500 per month. This is the site's author opinion.

Q - What is a referral?

A - Each user can register referrals (rented or real people) to your account. All referrals make money for yourself. And you can earn as much as they earned. If they make $10 per day, will also get $10 to your account.

Q - How can i add referrals?

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- At first time can ask friends and known people to register through your profile. In this way, they will make money too. I am sure any would NOT refuse this offer.

Q - Can i Sign up in several PTC sites?

A - You can, but for more information contact with our administrator. There are unfair sites (scam) to users, they try cheat them. In this top list, all pay regularly.

Q - What is a SCAM?

A - This is real looking site but it's not. Similar sites are unfair to your customers and not paid their earned money. All published here are 100% secure.

Q - Can i create multiple accounts in a single PTC site?

- No, because it's violation site policy. All profiles will be deleted and your earnings will NOT be paid ever.

Q - How much money should invest by myself to get an income?

- Not any. Everything here is absolutely free. In the futre if you want to earn more, just purchase a GOLD account. In this way your profit will double.

Q - How can i receive my earnings?

A - All money are sending by AlertPay, PayPal, Neteller. Transfers are making via these three banks in just seconds.

Q - What should i do after sign up?

A - I just need to click on ad links which are available for the day. It's really easy! To display all ads, just click on "Surf Ads" / "View Ads" tab. It is necessary to open one of them, to wait the counter to zero until appears a green check mark. Then proceed to a next.

Q - How long time should i spend a day?

A - It's not require much time. Just sit back and take few minutes a day. Be persistent and money will come to you. Make sure what kind of revenue can reach.
good LUCK!!!

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